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While this may seem like a Authors Memoir, well it kinda is. I really just needed somewhere to put down   those I love and those that meant a lot a long the way up until this point in my life at least.


Mum – Your constant juggling of being a Single Mum, supporting 5 kids and still bringing us up as well as we all have turned out, is nothing short of amazing. Hard work, im sure, but for the most part, I got my Generous and Kind Heart from you, my smile from you, my sense of humour from you and my stupid ability to give things away, even when I don’t have enough myself. Thankyou and I will always love you.

Dad - Although you are miles away in another country called England, i can see where i come from every day for bad (My lack of anymore hair growth) and for good, my sense of humour. I never forget you are just around the corner and thankyou for your constant support. Love ya!



To my amazing Wife Glenda for putting up with my constant big ideas and for jumping in the deep end and joining me on some and many more adventures to come. For constantly working your ass off (I swear you enjoy it though), so we can support our boys more and I can run around dressed as a Spider for the Illawarra. I swear, it will all work out well in the end I promise!


 My kids Logan & Aiden, I Love You & Thankyou for always supporting and never judging, but constantly questioning and keeping me on my toes.


Roberto Vazquez, My Best Friend and Brother. I’ll never forget you were there to guide me, put up with me and be my rock at the beginning of this crazy endevour. Always a space for you my Guardian of the Galaxy.


My beautiful and OG work partner or work wife Ange (Ange doesn’t like being called Angela aka My Spidey Gwen, thankyou for getting through all the rough spots, thankyou for sticking around and thankyou for always dropping everything to be the true Ghost Spidey.


Jason & Lorre. Jason, you wont ever stop being my brother either. You are a true friend, that would travel hours to be with me if needed. You are the kindest and most gentle giant of a friend I could ask for, even if you won’t sell any of your lego. 😊 and Lorre You and Jason are the shining light of my little family we’ve created together and even though you are further away now, I look forward to every moment we have together.


Mary, Wonder Woman, what can I say? You have a heart of gold and bigger than mine could hold, so big in fact, we clash sometimes and it’s a beautiful thing, because it means we both have way too much energy and love to give. But you are always there for any of us when we need you and you are the Illawarra’s Wonder Mez.


Conner, You will never stop being an inspiration, just when I thought wearing a spiderman suit was all I could ever do. Your true Cosplay skills are above and beyond, your my tech go to guy, the guy in the chair. But better, cos you stand up on the chair and get into a Bumblebee Suit, or Iron Man, or a Dalek or Miles Morales. You really are the True Cosplay Guardian, I cant wait to see what more we can do together.


Kelly Lorimer who has been my Event Manager for this is incredible journey for 3 of our major events now and more to come, even at 8 months pregnant, you were FIERCE!! I am glad to see what we can smash together.


Kim B, you are like a Mum to us, to me. Always a msg or a phone call away, even if you’re half way through a singing choir. Thankyou isn’t enough, but you already know it. It’s great to have you as a friend and an ally.

The Rest of my Avengers, Teri, Mitch Valesini, Paul Humphries, Kendal, Matthew Farrugia, Kai, Thankful for being part of this journey up till now and I hope you hang on with us longer and make some more memories together.

Mitch - You have stuck around with all of us from the start and you shouldn't be a prouder father and husband mate. Thanks for being an Agent and see you soon Cap!


To all my Brothers and Sisters, Jon, Chris, Jack & Aimee, I love you and each and every single one of you left some sort of part of yourself with me, so I glued that jigsaw together and now I can do this!

To our newest Avenger Sakura & Mum Sarah - for always being there as our number 1 Fans! For constantly being surprising, strong and proud of who you both are. Keep it up Spider Girls You ROCK!!


Last but not least!

Special Mentions to my OG Angels that kept me going.

Ollie, Eliza, Quinn and Eli.

& to all those I never got to meet and went to soon including you Ella Rose.


         Spidey Loves You & Thankyou!




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