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    How do you prepare yourself mentally and emotionally before visiting a sick child in character?

    I have a mask for a good reason, not just being Spidey, but I can also hide what sometimes happens underneath, the looks you can’t help but give some kids and their families, the shock in your face as you see a small child that can barely walk or breath, it’s overwhelming and it’s really tough to see and I’m super glad I can hide that behind my mask on some visits. No one wants to see Spider-Man break down on cry in front of anyone.


    But I definitely am a hugger. I would hug everyone if I could, and I love hugging them when I visit birthday parties or sick kids and their parents. I guess I prepare by putting on the mask and breathing before I go in. I’m not going to lie and say I don’t break down later when I’m by myself and it all catches up with me.


    Can you share a memorable interaction you had with a child while dressed as Spider-Man?


    Besides my faves at the houses that I mentioned already. I’d say meeting Eli, a name I’d seen in convoy and on Facebook for a while before I started. If you follow Eli’s Journey on Facebook, you’d know the crap that kids gone through and the family. His treatment led to Eli needing a Tracheotomy and he’s now on a long journey to try and heal and eventually have it removed.


    He came to visit the Spidey Santa Photo Day and it was instantly gratifying that I had the right people visiting me and the gang for the right reasons, I knew I was doing something good then.








Another time was at a Birthday Party,

a young girl by the name of

Amiah-Grace who was 9 at the time,

was in a wheelchair at a party,

with very little mobility, had

several issues no one can quite

define medically, but when I

approached to say hi, as Amiah was

detached from the party due to her

mobility, Amiah actually turned and looked at me, to my surprise I was told she doesn’t normally do that and can’t or won’t normally move at all.


    I got asked if I could approach again, and her arms went up and I got the best hug from Amiah, their family were thankful, and my heart was full. 

How do you think your visits impact the children and their families?


    I can’t say for sure, I can only rely on the feedback that’s given and I have to be honest and say I am overwhelmed by the positive feedback I receive even when I think I could have done so much better, or I wasn’t at my best, I am constantly told Spidey brings so much joy into the kids and families lives just by being there, even if I can’t do flips and crawl up walls, just being their masked up and sitting down on their level and interacting with them, listening to their stories, visiting their rooms and seeing their toys, just being on their level makes a huge difference in their day or week or month.


    I think I’m happy at night when I think back on the feedback. But am constantly thinking of ways I can make it even better next time. It just takes money sadly. Money makes the world go around.



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