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   What has been the biggest challenge you have faced in this work, and how have you overcome it?


   The biggest challenge besides not being able to instantly cure sick kids with laughter is being a tad blind and ignorant when it comes to the dream of being able to help everyone that asks and how time and money always stands in the way of that goal.


  It’s nice to have goals, but not only taking on the load of Spider-Man while having other jobs, but actually caring about these children and families and I start to visit at Parties or in the hospital does weigh on you and your load capacity as a human. Not to mention all the events we have now started up with each year moving forward.


 They say you are supposed to separate yourself from your work, but Spider-Man doesn’t feel like work to me it’s community and that becomes like family and that also means everyone involved does to.


  I want to be able to be at places like Westmead or other hospitals more locally on days I have to work, I want to take on more parties, but my other job, that I also LOVE, pays a lot more and it has to take priority with our constantly rising mortgage.


  For example - I want to visit a sick kid I’ve met before but have a family commitment.


  I want to buy more suits and have more Avengers join the team, make it a full-time commitment, but can never see it working because Time & Money trumps all.


  I know I’m far from being someone that has nothing, or should be whinging about lack of funds, but We all have our own issues to deal with and for me, it’s constantly on my mind that I never want my Spidey Business and Charity work to put me or my family in issues that lead to not being able to put food on our own table or pay our mortgage.


  I can see now, why Charity and Non for Profit organisations are constantly asking for money. It never ends and it truly does reign supreme.


    How can we support organizations or individuals who are doing this type of work in our communities?





Every single chance you can get to help with funds for anyone asking for it. Even $2 might seem like a waste of time and you think, why would I even bother? It helps a ton. $2 becomes $4, becomes $8, becomes $16, becomes Fuel Money to get to a gig where a child needs someones help but can’t afford a party or a visit, or to help get someones gear fixed up or buy new equipment.


  If you ever want to help, reach out and ask, its not always Monetary either, it could be volunteer work at a major event one of the charitys runs, such as Convoy, Kidswish or RMHC.


  When I first started and got my Suit from Go Fund Me I had some nasty comments such as “Why are we paying for some nerds costume? Go buy it yourself “. Well, if I could have I would have, but I hope I’ve made up for those peoples doubts now.


  I actually never wanted to even start a business with these suits, but to keep giving to charity and giving my time and in turn my families time, away, I needed income.


 It’s a cruel circle and people won’t ever stop questioning you’re true and honest intentions, but your actions can prove it a million times over. Give when and where you can, no matter the amount.


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